Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province, the largest city and the only sub-provincial city in central China, the most prosperous city in China's inland region, and the regional center of the People's Republic of China. Wuhan is an important base for scientific research and education in China. As of 2014, there are 98 institutions of higher education in Wuhan; among them, the number of general colleges and universities and undergraduate colleges ranks second in China after Beijing, and the number of national key universities directly under the Ministry of Education ranks third in China, with a total of 1,072,600 students and postgraduates, ranking first in the world. Wuhan is the "Excellent Tourism City of China" and hosts the Wuhan International Tourism Festival. There are 339 famous monuments, 103 revolutionary memorial sites, 13 national key cultural relics protection units, 3 5A tourist attractions and 15 4A tourist attractions in the city. Wuhan's natural scenery is unique, with four distinct seasons and 166 lakes and numerous mountains that are rare in the metropolis; Wuhan's humanistic landscape has strong characteristics of Chu culture.

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